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One day in Bonaire

It’s famous for its underwater beauty.

I was told there is not much at land to see. I decided to verify that and wanted to see the salt pyramids.

The salt pyramids and slave huts

They are historically interesting. It shows the condition of the salt trade in the past. You can still buy the salt for example as a souvenir.

We also visited the Groto Lake to see some Flamigos


Washington Slagbaai National Park

It wasn’t my kind of National Park. It was a plantation that was sold to the government on the condition that it was made into a national park. I thought that it was too very tame and looked too constructed to me. I love wild nature, with preferably not much human influence. The Groto Lake borders on the National Park, so maybe if you have more time you can hike to it and get better pictures of the lake and the flamingos in it.

I will remember Bonaire for the caves.

Most of the caves are hidden and might need a guide or GPS coordinates to find them. There are no entrance fees however the entrance is sometimes more of a hole in the ground than a big entrance. They are very natural with no artificial lights and no flat grounds. I loved it, however you should take a head lamp and the flash for your camera, which I didn’t. You are allowed to use the flash, which I was not used to in limestone caves, since normally you’re lucky, if you are allowed to do photos at all. I’m not sure if it is good for the cave, but there seems to be no rules about the caves. We will see, if it changes in the future. We visited three caves, one of them with a bit of water. You also had to climb to get to the third cave.

I did some snorkelling at the 1000 steps Beach.

You can reach the corals from the beach and don’t have to do an exclusive snorkelling tour.
You can also do a boat tour, sometimes with a view (i.e. glass bottom), to Klein Bonaire. Klein Bonaire is an uninhabited island a few minutes from Bonaire. You can also do some snorkelling from there.
If you want to see mangroves you can visit Lac Bay.

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